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Download KB5001567 Offline Installer to Fix APC_INDEX_MISMATCH BSoD

In case your computer is facing APC_INDEX_MISMATCH BSoD error, download KB5001567 offline installer and install it to repair the mistake.

Recently, Microsoft released KB5000802, a Patch Tuesday update for Windows 10 v20H2 and Windows 10 v2004 users. Unfortunately, this update is causing an APC_INDEX_MISMATCH BSoD error in some Windows 10 systems. To become more specific, the KB5000802 causes APC_INDEX_MISMATCH or “win32kfull.sys” errors when the system is linked to a Type 3 printer. With respect to the system configuration, the BSoD error can happen whenever a Type 3 printer is connected or when you initiate a print job towards the Type 3 printer. Based on Microsoft all other printer types are safe to use and aren’t causing any kind of errors because of the KB5000802 update.

To fix the problem, Microsoft posted a brief workaround and earlier this day released another update called KB5001567 to correctly and permanently solve the problem. So, if you’re getting APC_INDEX_MISMATCH and “win32kfull.sys” errors, I recommend you install the KB5001567 update as quickly as possible.

On affected machines, Windows 10 will be able to automatically upload the update. Alternatively, you can download KB5001567 offline installer and install it manually. This is particularly helpful for offline machines that actually work for dedicated printing.

KB5001567 changelog

Addresses an element that may cause a blue screen of death when attempting to print to certain printers with a couple apps and might generate the error, APC_INDEX_MISMATCH.

That is it.