Microsoft Fixes Several BSODs, Start Menu Issues in Windows 11

Microsoft has released a brand new preview build of Windows 11, and just not surprisingly, the main focus continues to be positioned on addressing performance issues and resolving the remaining bugs in front of the production launch scheduled to occur on October 5.

As a result, the most recent preview build includes fixes for many important Blue Screen of Death errors on Windows 11, whilst resolving some Start menu issues in the operating system.

For example, if your computer previously encountered a fatal crash when resuming from hibernation, this BSOD should no more occur after installing the new preview build, Microsoft says. Simultaneously, the organization explains it was conscious of a glitch causing computers to hit a BSOD when trying to install a new Windows 11 build, and after the most recent update, this error should not be there.

Should you be running Windows 11 preview builds on a Surface Pro X, there’s an opportunity additionally you encountered a BSOD, but Microsoft promises the mistake is gone after the latest update.

Start menu improvements

As far as the beginning menu is concerned, the Redmond-based software giant has once again added the System being an option in the Windows + X menu on Start, while also allowing users to press the down arrow to navigate to the pinned apps and not to the username.

“[We] mitigated an issue where when a large number of apps were installed, the Start menu could easily get stuck with no app icons showing (only app name) following a DPI change. This change is also thought to help to improve Start launch reliability on secondary monitors in mixed DPI scenarios. If the accessibility option “Always show scrollbars” is enabled, switching to the All apps list won’t make the scrollbar to escape your window boundaries throughout the transition animation,” Microsoft says.

The brand new preview build is now love users within the Dev channel.

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