New Surface Pro X Running Windows 11 Possibly in the Works

Microsoft will take the wraps off several new Surface models now included in a September 22 event, and as as it happens, there’s a chance we might also see a new Surface Pro X.

According to a current discovery from WL, there’s a brand new Surface Pro X around the Energy Star certification website, and most likely, there’s a chance this is a revised model specifically optimized for Windows 11.

While very little details are available right now, the web site seems to indicate that power will come from the same SQ2 processor utilized on the current Surface Pro X and combined with 16GB RAM.

Other Surface announcements

Theoretically, this really is not good news, especially since the SQ2 sometimes feels a little bit underpowered and running Windows 11 could be a significant challenge.

But of course, it remains to be seen how the new model would handle the operating system if the refreshed Surface Pro X is indeed happening.

Meanwhile, there’s more to come on the Surface front, and something of the most popular announcements expected at the show may be the new Surface Pro 8.

Most likely, Microsoft goes for any more modern design, this time around with smaller bezels, therefore bringing the Surface Pro 8 in line with other new-gen devices available on the market. Not to mention, this new design can also be prone to later expand with other devices, such as the Surface Laptop and the Surface Book, which should also get smaller bezels for an increased screen estate.

A new Surface Duo can also be expected at the show, and this time Microsoft will go for higher-end capabilities, including a new camera along with a latest-gen processor. There’s an opportunity the Duo 2 includes a triple-camera configuration so that as almost as much ast 16GB of RAM, according to information that has reached the net lately.

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