Microsoft Reaches Out to Insiders No more Allowed to Test Windows 11

Microsoft has decided to remove users running Windows 11 preview builds on unsupported hardware in the Windows Insider program, and today the company has begun to reach out to them to explain the decision and detail the following steps.

Specifically, users who installed Windows 11 preview develops computers that no longer satisfy the system requirements wouldn’t discover any new builds, and Microsoft explains the only option is to go back to Windows 10.

The organization details everything within an email shipped to insiders who are necessary to downgrade, explaining that getting updates included in the Dev channel is not possible. Switching to a new channel is not allowed either.

Downgrading to Windows 10, your best option going forward

“These PCs don’t satisfy the minimum hardware requirements for previewing Windows 11 builds and will not receive new Windows 11 Insider Preview builds from the Dev Channel going forward,” the Redmond-based software giant explained in the email.

“Based on our data, you’ve got a PC which was considering that exception. This PC must clean install to Windows 10 with the media (ISOs) that we provide and can then join the discharge Preview Channel to preview Windows 10 updates.”

Windows 11 is projected to visit reside in early October, and Microsoft explains the rollout would continue into 2022. All computers entitled to the disposable upgrade to Windows 11 is deserving of the operating system by mid-2022.

Meanwhile, however, unsupported computers should just stay with Windows 10, the current operating-system that will continue being supported until 2025. A brand new feature update for Windows 10, officially called version 21H2, is projected to visit live in the approaching months for PCs still running this operating-system.

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