The Official Reddit App Has become Available in the Microsoft Store

Microsoft has put a lot of effort into making the Microsoft Store the go-to place to go for everything related to apps around the modern versions of Windows, but it’s a well known fact that to date, this effort hasn’t exactly paid off.

And it’s all because some high-profile developers haven’t necessarily been in a rush to bring their apps towards the Microsoft Store for various reasons, such as the reduced curiosity about such apps to begin with.

Occasionally, however, big apps still make their method to the Microsoft Store, and this week, reddit officially announced its client available these days for download.

As the reddit app published within the Microsoft Store is good news for Windows 10 and Windows 11 users, worthwhile to learn it’s actually a PWA, therefore it includes all of the capabilities that you simply normally get when connecting towards the service within the browser.

Wroth knowing, however, is that the reddit app doesn’t work on Windows 10 S, so it requires full Windows to do its magic.

The focus on Microsoft Store in Windows 11

In the meantime, Microsoft keeps investing in the Microsoft Store, and the arrival of Windows 11 will mark another major milestone, because the clients are bringing Android apps towards the OS.

Android apps is going to be listed in the Amazon Appstore, though they’ll show up in the Microsoft Store too.

“The new Microsoft Store is the single trusted place for apps and happy to watch, create, play, work and learn. It’s been rebuilt for speed and with an all-new design that is beautiful and straightforward to make use of. Not only will we bring you more apps than in the past, we’re also making all content – apps, games, shows, movies – simpler to look for and discover with curated stories and collections,” Microsoft said.

Android app support isn’t yet available for testing within the Windows Insider program.

Uplifting news for your TL: There are even different options to access your fav subreddits. Reddit is now obtainable in the Microsoft Store! – Reddit (@Reddit) August 30, 2021

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