Microsoft Announces a brand new Widget for Windows 11

The most recent Windows 11 preview build has a new widget that provides Microsoft 365 users with access to the content they might find useful.

The brand new widget experience bundled with Windows 11 makes it much simpler to obtain certain information, such as news, weather data, and calendar appointments, having a single click the taskbar.

Microsoft, however, has promised to further polish the knowledge with widgets, which week, the Redmond-based software giant rolled out a new widget specifically aimed at Microsoft 365 users.

As you would expect, the Microsoft 365 widget provides easy access to things like documents, news, and meeting recordings, and when, the company has promised to bring much more happy to this widget within the upcoming updates.

Windows 11 due this season

“We’re introducing the brand new Microsoft 365 Widget! This widget brings relevant documents, news and meeting recordings (with more in the future!) to enterprise users. This widget will only be available if you’re signed in with your AAD account on your PC running Windows 11. Currently when information overload is a major concern for most workers, this personalized list can help users remain on top of the work they do and find the information they need effortlessly. To check it just open widgets and click the “Add Widgets” button and choose the Microsoft 365 Widget. We hope you like it!” Microsoft says.

The Windows 11 widgets are an evolution of the news and interests experience, and Microsoft is betting big on this feature in the long term.

Windows 11 is projected to see the daylight for production devices later this year, and there’s a chance this new Microsoft 365 widget will be on day one.

The company continues to have nearly a month to polish the knowledge with these widgets, as Windows 11 is scheduled to become signed off at some stage in September.

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