New Clock app on Windows 11

Windows 11 may be the new edition of Windows and comes up with a host of recent changes. Additionally, it brings a brand new UI, feel and look, as well as performance improvements. Microsoft has been continuously increasing the features around the OS and adding more options to the present apps. Recently we’d covered the brand new Snipping Tool that is contained in Windows 11. Another update to Windows 11 may be the new Clock. While Windows 10‘s clock app was simple, Microsoft has added more features within the new clock app on Windows 11. Let’s discover what the changes are.

New Clock app on Windows 11:

To open the clock, click on the start menu and kind on Clock, and press enter. This will open the time on Windows 11. A few of the additional features added to the clock on Windows 11 are Focus Sessions, Link Spotify, as well as Microsoft’s To-Do app integration.

The brand new feature added is the Focus Session, wherein you are able to achieve your purpose and get more done with an emphasis session. You are able to set the timer for the focus session and also the clock will sound when the timer is complete.

You can also link your Spotify account using the Clock app. Focus Sessions supports connecting your Spotify account that will help you discover the perfect audio that will help you focus.

Microsoft’s To-Do app can also be integrated to be able to take a look at the scheduled tasks for you and also have the planning done better. Finally, you may also configure other available choices in the settings of the app and it also has the ability to link your Microsoft account.

The brand new clock with one of these changes definitely looks promising on Windows 11. What exactly do you guys think of the new clock on Windows 11, could they be useful? Do share your feedback within the comments for those who have used this new feature.

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